Scott Anderson, Practice Operations Analyst

After receiving an undergraduate degree in Mathematics with a minor in both Business Economics and Chemistry at United States International University, Scott Anderson received training in computer programming and systems analysis. Employed as an Industrial Engineer and then a Research and Administrative Analyst for the California State Universities and Colleges, Scott remained with the Cal State system for eight years. During this time he completed master’s coursework in Cybernetic Systems with the intent of designing human and computer assisted operations to support more efficient and effective operations such as a veterinary practice.

Scott left the California State Universities to start a data processing consulting business. In the early 1980s Scott’s attention shifted to veterinary practice management when he teamed up with two veterinarians in the acquisition and development of veterinary practices in Northern California, specializing in practices that were under-producing then preparing them for resale. Scott then resumed his consulting business using veterinary practice management software to evaluate the productivity and potential of a practice, followed by the coaching of practice personnel to achieve specific results.

After consulting with over 200 practice clients, Scott accepted a position as Operations Analyst with his largest client that owned 17 practices in Northern California and Las Vegas, evaluating the practices’ performance and potential then advising practice administrators on actions to improve the revenue, profitability, and value of the group’s practices. Scott later became the Executive Director of a large veterinary hospital in San Francisco, and took a position to develop a veterinary hospital and animal shelter which allowed him to be close to home to assist with his aging parents.

Four years ago Scott ran into one of his former clients, Dr. Randy Carsch, at a meeting of veterinary practice management consultants. At that meeting Dr. Carsch told Scott of his concept for veterinary practice management and medical consulting, which intrigued Scott because it would allow Dr. Carsch’s organization to provide quality consulting services to practices located anywhere in the world. While his primary focus is now on AVCS, he continues as a partner in a veterinary practice in Northern California and is involved with his local Veterinary Medical Associations. Scott believes “Our Association has the talent and resources to help life in a veterinary practice to become more satisfying for all involved, and more profitable for practice owners.”