Monthly Monitoring Program

Following the results of the AVCSuccess Exploratory Analysis, veterinary practice owners are generally recommended to receive consulting services under the Consulting Program. As an option, AVCSuccess also offers the monitoring program portion of the Consulting Program for practices who want a “do-it-yourself” program. The Monthly Monitoring Program provides constant monitoring of the practice’s data, which includes use and analysis of the AVCSuccess Target Revenue Form with Monthly Alerts, Monthly Data Analytics and one monthly Monthly Analysis Review Consultation to discuss the findings.

Included with any AVCSuccess Consulting Program
Stand alone: $760 / month
Performance Monitoring and Alerts Only: $350 / month
Setup: $750


Target Revenue Form (TRF)

This unique data tracking form provides a daily mechanism for analyzing revenue trends and the components that contribute to revenue generation. AVCSuccess responds immediately to any significant deviations from the targets that are developed for the practice to ensure that appropriate action is taken to assist the practice in achieving the determined goals. Stable growth is realized through both data monitoring and implementation of recommendations (see Coaching Modules). The data also feeds into other data trackers AVCSuccess provides, including for inventory and staff cost budgeting.

Monthly Analytics

AVCSuccess provides monthly analytic reports that consolidate practice data into a usable format. The data measured includes revenue, transaction, and average charge per transaction trends; production and doctor production; and category and services per category evaluations.

Monthly Analysis Review Consultation

A monthly consultation session with Kim Fish is included to review the written analysis of the practice’s performance.  Doctor-to-doctor consultation also targets discussion on alleviating the stress factors typically suffered by owner veterinarians and their associates.