Kim Fish, Practice Operations Coach

Kim FishKim Fish is the staff training educational specialist on the AVC Success team. She is also the Founder and School Director at Veterinary Technical Institute, a private postsecondary school offering national-based training programs and professional development systems in the veterinary field for over 17 years. During her tenure she has been integral in creating a dynamic approach to learning for veterinary staff in need of building comprehensive skills and a core knowledge base.

Her staff training programs have evolved into the development of a veterinary consulting system that has positively impacted hundreds of clinics across the country. She believes that for a practice to prosper in veterinary medicine, the staff needs to be trained and utilized to bring value to the clinic, to grow their team, improve client and animal care, and generate revenue.

Kim received her B.S. degree in Animal Physiology from the University of California, San Diego, where she graduated on the Dean’s List. Knowing that veterinary medicine was in her career path, she combined her experience in start-up company development with
her biology-based education and created Veterinary Technical Institute from the ground up. She has authored three textbooks, developed original veterinary program curricula, and formulated an interactive mode of instructional delivery at a time when “online” education was hardly conceived. This was a pioneered effort under the Florida Department of Education. She has adapted her high-tech approach to instructional delivery to the unique staff training modules used in the AVC Success system.

Challenge and adversity is what keeps Kim focused on determining methods to best meet the “needs” of the veterinary profession, particularly addressing the current economic climate.