The Year End Review

The Year-End Review will help your practice determine the following:

* Revenue Generation – Is revenue generation trending upward or downward, and why?

* Revenue Fluctuation – Are month to month fluctuations significant, and how does the fluctuation affect managing costs in relation to income? As part of this review, we will suggest proven techniques to help the monthly fluctuation in revenue generation.

* Transaction Volume – How many invoices were processed in the periods studied, and what does this tell us about the health of the practice? Is the fluctuation simply fate, seasonable, or is it manageable?

* Average Invoice Charge – Is the change in the Average Invoice Charge within an acceptable range? Also, what is the impact of missed charges? Whether yours is a single or multiple doctor practice, we will review the structure of your fee list, and recommend protocols that will help to grow the business.

* Clients New to the Practice – Evaluate new client activity at the practice, including the capture and retention of new clients and the significance of new clients in revenue generation for the practice.

* Patient Visits & Charges – Evaluate the dynamics of patient visit fluctuations. To what extent are patient visits driven by communications from the practice, and how might communication be improved?

* Evaluation of Reminder System Setup – Are features of the software set up correctly to take full advantage of the options available and do the features adequately serve the client communication needs of the practice? In virtually all practices previously studied, reminder setups need to be fine tuned.

Make 2017 a great year for your practice with a year-end review of 2016 – click here to get started!

Year-End Review $1,400