The AVCSuccess Exploratory Analysis

Exploratory Analysis GoalsThe goals of the Exploratory Analysis are to take the guesswork out of understanding how your practice has been performing, and strategize a plan for short- and long-term growth. The Exploratory Analysis will help identify strengths, weaknesses, and potential holes in your current operations.

The presentation of findings will include identifying strategies to raise doctor production, grow and improve operations, get more pets walking through the door, and increase both revenue and cash flow. The analytics from the AVCSuccess Exploratory Analysis can give you the insight you need to make intelligent decisions that will make your practice a success.

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The Exploratory Analysis provides a snapshot of a practice’s performance profile using year-to-year and quarterly comparisons to evaluate:

* Revenue trendsExploratory Analysis
* Category production
* Producer production
* Transaction trends
* Overall practice health

Read what Dr. Timothy Hodge has to say about the AVCSuccess Exploratory Analysis.

“AVCSucces has been a wonderful consulting company with which to work. The exploratory analysis was painless to have performed and was a great eye opener. The ongoing consultations have thus far been very helpful in getting our clinic up to date with changes that need to be made to improve our ability to deliver a great level of service and know that the practice is profitable. The goal setting is wonderful motivation for the entire health care team. Fee review, scheduling appointments, team motivation are very helpful. I can recommend AVCSucces to any veterinary facility that is looking to improve themselves and their operation.” Thanks, Dr. Timothy Hodge, 9/15

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How It Works – 5 Steps to an Exploratory Analysis- Download It Here

Step 1 – Initial Setup and Data Pull
Step 2 – Analytics Review
Step 3 – Presentation to the Practice
Step 4 – AVCSuccess Recommendations
Step 5 – Next Steps

All data is collected remotely with the prepared analysis presented during a one-hour consultation with the practice owner(s). AVCSuccess guarantees that our consulting program will pay for itself for a no-risk solution to solving your practice’s performance needs.

Cost of Exploratory Analysis $1,400

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