DVMAX Webinar 6/6/17 – Everything Starts with the Patient Exam

Attend this special event–the 100th webinar offered by AVCSuccess, “Everything Starts with the Patient Exam.”

Now in its 5th year of webinar partnership, the DVMAX/AVCSuccess monthly webinar presentations have helped numerous veterinary practices better understand how their DVMAX system contributes to the medical and financial strength of the practice. Over time, this translates into better patient care, greater efficiency, stronger growth and increased profitability for the practice through more effective use of the DVMAX system.

The webinar on June 6th will focus on using DVMAX to uncover patterns of how the patient exam is the triggering event to other medical services. Know your historical performance in this area, and how you can use the information to plan your future quality of care.

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Presenters include AVCSuccess Consultant Paul Greenman, Founder of DVMAX.

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