Consulting Programs

Coaching For Success

AVCSuccess consulting services follow a module coaching format oriented to stabilize practice growth and improve practice operations in a step-by-step process. Practice clients currently achieve an average of 18% annual revenue growth.

The consulting involves 3 monthly meetings (2 coaching and 1 data analysis review) with doctor(s) and appropriate staff, covering module steps, projects, performance, and related data analysis findings. Webinars are also provided with many of the Coaching Modules to ensure that the staff is trained in following recommended protocols. Forum opportunities allow multiple clinics to come together to discuss key topics within the field and receive guided advice on practice protocol enhancements related to the Coaching Modules. All forums are also made available in a recorded format for repeated review or new staff orientation.

Coaching Modules

In-Case-Of-Fire-Break-Glass (ICFBG)

To jump-start the clinic’s success, the coaching modules immediately focus on providing quick-steps to bump clinic activity.

Service Code Review

AVCSuccess produces and analyzes a report on the practice’s service code list, use methodology, and pricing. Further consultation with the doctor(s) / Practice Manager assists in better understanding current service usage and definition. Recommendations are presented on how to best restructure the individual service items by category, definition, and use, with methods for presenting to staff for standardized implementation. This service cleanup is core to future modules within the AVCSuccess Coaching Curriculum.

Fee Review

Select fees are abstracted and analyzed for price using FairFees© with careful consideration given to the practice’s current level-of-care philosophy, along with a comparison of the frequency of service provided versus benchmarks to ensure the optimal balance between frequency of service and charge for providing the service. Other fees are reviewed during related modules.

Reminder Module

The practice’s reminder campaign success directly affects the number and quality of transactions for the current and coming years, as well as the level-of-care provided to practice patients. The AVCSuccess Reminder Module focuses on reviewing the reminder protocols utilizing the Practice Management Software, strategizing a reminder campaign to maximize the response rate of the reminders produced, and training the “team” to manage the reminders within the patient record for targeted non-patient to patient appointment conversion.

Recheck Protocol

The AVCSuccess Recheck Philosophy is shared to assist practices, especially multi-doctor, in achieving a standardized protocol that maximizes recheck compliance (recheck frequency and revenue are increased) and is designed to increase the level-of-care practiced.

Inventory Management

Inventory budgets and ordering protocols are established to control one of the most significant outgoing expenses a veterinary clinic experiences. Results will also be demonstrated in the practice’s P & L statement, which can be reviewed as an optional service by AVCSuccess. This module is offered as an add-on service for subscribers to the Monthly Monitoring Program.

Staff Management

The other most important area to control outgoing dollars is staff expenses. This module assists the office manager in designing staff schedules, regulating hours, maximizing staff efficiency, and budgeting staff costs, all specifically determined by daily revenue trends as analyzed through the AVCSuccess target Revenue Form. This module is also offered as an add-on service for subscribers to the Monthly Monitoring Program.

Vaccine Review

Vaccines and the annual / semi-annual visits are one of the most confusing pricing areas for veterinarian practice owners. AVCSuccess carefully analyzes the practice’s current pricing philosophy, performance success, and competition to recommend the optimal pricing structure and client package options.

AVCS Consulting Fees

AVCSuccess Consulting Programs 3 Meetings per Month

Annual Program (1-3 drs)

– Includes Monthly Monitoring and Analytics
– Requires One Time Set Up Fee of $750

$1,240 / month

Monthly Program (1-3 drs)

– Includes Monthly Monitoring and Analytics
– Requires One Time Set Up Fee of $750

$1,550 / month
Single Module Consulting Program

$1,900 /month


Monthly Monitoring and Analytics
(After 12 months of consulting)
$760 / month
(1 meeting)

Additional charges as follows:
* Per Additional Doctor: $220 (annual) / $275 (monthly) per month
* Multiple Locations: $515 per location / month.

AVCSuccess Optional Programs Cost of Program
Year End Review $1,400
Exploratory Analysis $1,400
Financial Statement Review $640

AVCSuccess agrees to keep all client information confidential and will not disclose any of the information to parties outside of AVCSuccess, unless Client specifically authorizes such action.














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