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Wednesday 8/9/17 – “Inventory Cost Control to Improve Profitability”

Inventory costs are the second highest expense to a practice. If you do not control these costs, they will control you, and negatively impact practice profitability. This webinar will review the inventory management features of AVImark and show you how inventory budgets and ordering protocols can be established to control one of the most significant outgoing expenses a veterinary clinic experiences. Also learn how your up-and-down cycles of revenue activity contribute to loss of inventory cost control, and what to do about it. Your practice CAN overcome inventory management and expense obstacles and improve your bottom-line! 

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Webinar Times: 10 am Pacific, 11 am Mountain, 12 pm Central, 1 pm Eastern

Webinar registrants and attendees will receive a FREE 20 minute individualized coaching session to review their personal practice needs related to this important topic. Be sure to schedule a time after completing the webinar registration!

AVCSuccess provides solutions to common problems every veterinary owner and practice manager face in reaching their performance goals. The “proven model for success” is a result of consulting for hundreds of practices, measuring protocols versus outcomes, and resetting practices to grow their revenue an average of 16-18%.

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