AVCSuccess Team

Best Kim Head Shots-0004 Kim Fish
Practice Operations Coach, AVCSuccess Partner and Consultant

Kim Fish is the staff training educational specialist on the AVC Success team. She is also the Founder and School Director at Veterinary Technical Institute, a private postsecondary school offering national-based training programs and professional development systems in the veterinary field for over 18 years. During her tenure she has been integral in creating a dynamic approach to learning for veterinary staff in need of building comprehensive skills and a core knowledge base.

Her staff training programs have evolved into the development of a veterinary consulting system that has positively impacted hundreds of clinics across the country. She believes that for a practice to prosper in veterinary medicine, the staff needs to be trained and utilized to bring value to the clinic, to grow their team, improve client and animal care, and generate revenue.

Kim received her B.S. degree in Animal Physiology from the University of California, San Diego, where she graduated on the Dean’s List. Knowing that veterinary medicine was in her career path, she combined her experience in start-up company development with her biology-based education and created Veterinary Technical Institute from the ground up. She has authored three textbooks, developed original veterinary program curricula, and formulated an interactive mode of instructional delivery at a time when “online” education was hardly conceived. This was a pioneered effort under the Florida Department of Education. She has adapted her high-tech approach to instructional delivery to the unique staff training modules used in the AVC Success system.

Challenge and adversity is what keeps Kim focused on determining methods to best meet the “needs” of the veterinary profession, particularly addressing the current economic climate.

Scott Anderson_MarketingScott Anderson
Practice Operations Analyst, AVCSuccess Partner and Consultant

Scott Anderson brings with him a varied and successful background in veterinary business management. After receiving an undergraduate degree in Mathematics with a minor in both Business Economics and Chemistry at United States International University, Scott Anderson received training in computer programming and systems analysis. Employed as an Industrial Engineer and then a Research and Administrative Analyst for the California State Universities and Colleges, Scott remained with the Cal State system for eight years. During this time he completed master’s coursework in Cybernetic Systems with the intent of designing human and computer assisted operations to support more efficient and effective operations such as a veterinary practice.

Scott left the California State Universities to start a data processing consulting business. In the early 1980s Scott’s attention shifted to veterinary practice management when he teamed up with two veterinarians in the acquisition and development of veterinary practices in Northern California, specializing in practices that were under-producing then preparing them for resale. Scott became specialized in data analysis and evaluating practice operations to enhance the delivery of medical services in his practice partnerships.

After consulting with over 250 practice clients, Scott accepted a position as Operations Analyst with his largest client that owned 17 practices in Northern California and Las Vegas, evaluating the practices’ performance and potential then advising practice administrators on actions to improve the revenue, profitability, and value of the group’s practices. Scott later became the Executive Director of a large veterinary hospital in San Francisco, and took a position to develop a veterinary hospital and animal shelter which allowed him to be close to home to assist with his aging parents.

While his primary focus is now on AVCS, Scott continues as a partner in a veterinary practice in Northern California and is involved with his local Veterinary Medical Associations. Scott believes “Our Association has the talent and resources to help life in a veterinary practice to become more satisfying for all involved, and more profitable for practice owners.”

Paul Greenman_webPaul Greenman
Founder DVMAX, AVCSuccess Consultant

Paul was the original founder and creator of the DVMAX software system for veterinary practice management. The software was deployed to over 1,200 veterinary practices throughout the USA and Canada over a 25 year period. In addition, Paul created and sold the related DVMAX Research electronic medical records system for animal research facilities involved in biomedical research (pharma, educational, government research). While at IDEXX, Paul led the DVMAX software design team, provided sales and support for the DVMAX Products Group, and oversaw company operations in all areas and integrated DVMAX with other lines of business at IDEXX.

With a physics degree from Lafayette College, Paul has over 25 years’ experience in medical informatics for veterinary, animal research, biotech and diagnostic customers and partners. His extensive background in designing sophisticated systems that are easy to use allows customers to easily collect, manage, and benefit from detailed data.

Paul has a special talent with helping companies solve problems, streamline processes, and grow from the data they are (or should be) collecting and managing. His specialization is in building real solutions quickly, at low cost, and to generate quick returns on the investment. Paul joined the AVCSuccess team in 2015 as Consultant and will be a great asset to the consulting team.

Stephen Tracey
AVCSuccess Consultant

Over the past 15 years, Stephen has had the privilege of working with some of the finest teams in the veterinary industry. Steve’s interests were predominately in team building, personnel development and patient care. With these focuses, his teams were able to produce excellent patient and client care.  Along with a proficient understanding of the financial aspects of running multiple businesses, has found the synergistic blending of expertise that has produced successful hospital teams resulting in successful hospitals. Steve believes that much of his success is dedicated to hard work and surrounding himself with excellent individuals.

As Hospital Manager/General Manager of Princeton Animal Hospital for over ten years, Stephen has a proficient understanding of all financial aspects in running successful practices coupled with a focus on outstanding service, care, and experience. His experience includes Strategic Planning, Financial Analysis, Hospital Marketing/Market Place Analysis, and Employee Recruitment. Often the most difficult task in the profession, Stephen has been able to create a synergistic approach in blending the two separate aspects of our industry together creating successful hospitals.

Stephen has been involved in many groups such as the American Animal Hospital Association, New Jersey Veterinary Hospital Managers Associate (founding and board member), and the New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association. Steve has also written articles which have been published in Veterinary Economics and various other forums.

In 2012, Stephen moved to Progressive Veterinary Care, aka The Animal Hospital at Kingston and Blawenburg. Steve has also partnered with Dr. Michael Tokiwa, creating “Progressive Veterinary Solutions”, a think tank of services that aim to help hospitals in the industry reach their goals. In 2014, Stephen joined VetCor as a Regional Operations Manager overseeing 15+ hospitals. During this time, he enjoyed continuing his passion for developing practices and leaders.

Two years later, stepped out of the corporate roll and into practice consulting, working with an excellent team at AVCSuccess where he can continue helping practice while spending more time with his family. While not working, Stephen enjoys spending time with his wife and four children. In the very little spare time he has, Steve can be found training at MPR Endurance with the Tourney Team.

Robert Olivas_webRobert Olivas
Practice Manager, AVCSuccess Consultant

Robert was born in San Jose California.  At the age of 15, he began working as a kennel attendant. Through work permits and weekend shifts he began learning the day to day operations of a veterinary practice. After high school, while working full time at a veterinary practice, he earned a degree in Computer Science.  Robert has worked in the veterinary field for the past 20 years, working and earning promotions through every department and working in every position excluding veterinarian.

Today, Robert is a Practice Manager and Registered Veterinary Technician working in a very busy hospital in a competitive area of Sacramento California. His hospital has won multiple awards for Veterinary Hospital of the Year.  He is also an active member in the Citrus Heights Chamber of Commerce, Veterinary Hospital Managers Association and the Sacramento Valley Veterinary Practice Managers Association. Robert has an extensive background and knowledge of marketing, hospital work flow and efficiency, medical record notes, staff training and development and staff hiring.

Robert has two young children, two dogs, three cats and 7 chickens.  Robert believes that any hospital can be run at an efficient level without having to work 60 hours a week.  Robert joined AVCSuccess in 2015.  He has helped AVCSuccess clients implement some of the recommended changes that are needed to maximize efficiency and revenue with today’s workforce.  He believes in using your managing experience, available resources and trusting your instincts when it comes to making day to day decisions. One of his slogans is that “No Decision is the Worst Decision.”

Tracie Sullivan, Operations Manager

An operations expert with more than 20 years’ professional experience, Tracie joined AVCSuccess in 2012 as the operations manager. She has an extensive background in business administration and management information systems, earning her degree from Texas Tech University. This experience has helped AVCSuccess achieve new levels of growth by keeping the company efficiently managed and well organized. In addition to her role in operations, accounting, and client support, Tracie continues to improve the analytical capabilities of AVCSuccess by creating new programming initiatives and functional specifications for various practice management systems that continue to improve the overall level of data analysis and consulting for our clients.

Tracie enjoys spending time with her husband and two bird dogs. She has two grown boys who are just beginning their careers in the field of engineering and food science.

Robbin Cook, Marketing Manager

Robbin joined AVCSuccess in 2012 as the marketing manager. She is responsible for providing marketing plan development and oversees all of the marketing activities that include advertising, webinar marketing, newsletters and social media. Robbin’s experience in marketing began in New York City where she enjoyed various jobs in research and analytics that gave her the opportunity to travel and broaden her experience. As Client Services Director for a private marketing company in New York, she provided sales support and marketing promotional services to leading consumer packaged goods companies. After relocating to Naples, Florida, Robbin drew upon her diverse experience in marketing, sales and business development to expand the marketing activities for AVCSuccess. She earned her B.S. in Marketing from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

Robbin has a yellow Lab named Duke, and two Manx cats named Leonardo and Noelle.

Julie Donovan, Data Analyst

Julie Donovan is Data Analyst for AVCSuccess. She brings a wealth of small business experience to the team with over 20 years in the insurance industry in a variety of roles and was also the owner of a small business. Julie has experience as a Community Liaison with a hospice company, building community relationships and providing education and training on hospice and end-of-life issues and has been a long-term volunteer for hospice services companies. Julie has developed numerous training programs and is adept at process development and improvement. She graduated with honors from Montana State University with a degree in organization communication. She also holds a graduate certificate from Washington State University.

Julie’s interests include spending time with her family and pets, reading, music, walking, the arts, and continually learning.