I participated in a free introductory webinar in which Kim Fish and Scott Anderson spoke about various topics. I liked their low key approach and I could tell they had a good chemistry between them as to presentation. We then participated in a quick economic evaluation of our practice and the results pointed out areas we could definitely improve. One such issue we were experiencing quite a bit of fluctuations with our monthly production and it would be much better to even out the production throughout the year.

We worked very hard consolidating our reminders for all pets. We have been trying to have the reminders grouped for most pets, enabling the clients to come to the hospital less times for the same services. We have streamlined our fee schedules and raised many fees which were decided to be too low (based on our consultants’ experience with many practices nationwide.

Overall, we have enjoyed the weekly phone conversations with Kim and Scott and some of their associates. Recently, we were fortunate to meet both Kim and Scott and the positive vibes with everyone was outstanding. Their advice is always on the mark and in a short time we have come a long way improving our practice.”

Stanley Fish DVM

“AVCSuccess has personalized service, interested in us personally. AVCSuccess doesn’t railroad clients into following their protocols. They gently guide you and staff in making decisions for changes made to pricing, protocols and sometimes thought processes.”

Dr. Roxi, River Country Animal Wellness

After listening to several of the webinars offered through our DVMAX program presented by AVCSuccess, I decided to have them give us an exploratory analysis.  I have always been slightly suspect of consultants in the past.  My first interview with Scott and Kim was very positive and detailed and they were very clear in their approach to practice management.  I decided then to have them review our practice from top to bottom and have been very impressed and more than satisfied with the effort. Having a team of consultants to look at your practice with an objective eye, and a clear approach has been incredibly helpful to us.  The first thing we reviewed was our billing codes.  They saw many which were not being used and needed to be deleted.  We have been using DVMAX since 1987, have not reviewed our codes in all that time.  The software they use and the reports they generate are clear, concise, and very helpful. They helped us review and improve our reminder system so that our compliance rate has gone up dramatically.  The next review we had was of lab fees.  They created a flow sheet with all of our costs and fees charged which allowed us to review them in an orderly and systematic way. Beyond that, we went through all of the modules and each and every one was very helpful and allowed us to streamline our approach to the management of our practice.  The inventory control module and philosophy was very well received by our practice manager and will allow us to control costs effectively going forward. I plan to use their expertise for the next year to fine tune our practice management systems looking, in the not too distant future, to selling my ownership in the practice.  I hope to use their experience in this regard to achieve my financial goals in the twilight of my career and hope to find a suitable buyer to take this practice into the future.

Thank you for being the helpful team that you are and I look forward to another year of growth and success with your help.

Raymond Maizel, DVM

“Kim Fish and Scott Anderson have given us a tool, their proprietary software, so we can monitor ACT, number of invoices and revenue on a daily basis and catch downward trends within 3 days. They have great practice management suggestions to get more appointments being booked while the client is still in the building. I look forward to our meetings which occur three times per month on average. My management team receives invaluable tips on streamlining reminders, managing employees via email and providing the best client service. Well worth the dollars invested.”

Dr. Elizabeth Bradt, DVM, All Creatures Veterinary Hospital