What we are about

We are a Veterinary Practice Management Consulting Group

Advisors for Veterinary Clinic Success is a veterinary practice management consulting group that helps veterinary practice owners reach their financial and business management goals.

AVCSuccess will change the way you use your practice management software, communicate as a team, and get clients to comply so you can achieve success.

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What we do

We are an information platform.

Members have access to numerous information resources to keep them in-the-know on:

  • Practice management tips
  • Practice management software user advice
  • Current affairs in the industry
  • Medical protocol

Attend a webinar or symposium, review a white paper, read our newsletter. We provide the information you need to practice better medicine and achieve success with your practice.

We provide data analysis and consulting solutions to grow your practice.

You first need to know where you are so you can plan the right strategy to get from there to reach your goals. Our solutions for your success start with performing an Exploratory Analysis — just as you would perform diagnostics on a medical case — to establish benchmarks, determine holes in your practice, and identify what strategies would best address your deficiencies and emphasize your strengths so the goals you have outlined can be achieved.


Meet Our Team of Veterinary Consulting Experts

  • Stephen Tracey
    AVCSuccess Consultant Over the past 15 years, Stephen has had the privilege of working with...
  • Kim Fish
    Kim Fish is the staff training educational specialist on the AVC Success team. She is also...

Our Mission…

To empower practice owners to take control of their business so that they can achieve their goals.

Do you ever feel like it’s the other way around, that your business controls you? As veterinarians we get how to diagnose and treat our patients, but we are often at a loss of how to do the same for our practice. They didn’t teach practice management and ownership at vet school so unfortunately we learn the hard way, or don’t learn at all. So many veterinarians that I talk to tell me that they get frustrated when the phone doesn’t seem to ring, or they get tired of dealing with operational issues. Some even just need to take a vacation. Their goals are to find solutions to these problems…and be successful. Does this sound like you?

I encourage you to explore our website, become a member, and take advantage of the solutions we have to offer. See what we have done for our clients and imagine what we can do for you. But don’t forget step 3 of the Plan for Success: Take Action!

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and achieve success!

Kim Fish,
President, AVC Success